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We are all excited to kick-start the New Year. However like bogus recruiting agencies we also have bogus unregistered colleges.

Both Parents and Students need to please be aware of the institutions they apply at, especially now at the beginning of the year.

There are many colleges waiting to prey on unsuspecting individuals such as yourselves looking for space in a college.

Please watch out.

We have provided some information on how to check if an institution is registered and accredited to provide the qualifications you would like to study.

For further details regarding the list of provisionally registered colleges, contact the Department of Education on 0800 734338. Enquiries can be faxed to 012 323 8817.

Before making any payment or entering into a contractual agreement with a private college, the student must confirm the registration status of the college with the Department of Education.

Enquiries on the registration status of private FET colleges and private HE institutions must be directed to the national Department of Education at 012 312 5878 and 012 312 5320 respectively.



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