32 Schools Wrecked By Looters In KZN

The National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa (Naptosa) has reported that 32 schools have been damaged in the province of KwaZulu Natal during unrest across the province.


National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa (Napstosa) has expressed its disappointment after it reported that 32 schools were vandalized and looted with two of them set alight, with one being severely damaged.

This comes after a week-long riot began in parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng, which saw those parts of the country descend into chaos as locals closed key routes, vandalized and looted several businesses as well as schools.     

Naptosa's Executive Director, Basil Manuel, detailed the extent of how damaged the schools were, pleading to the community to help save schools as it will take a long time to rebuild them back up once destroyed.

This is why we have called on communities to stand up and protect schools in your area. At times the perpetrators are within your number, let us expose them because you're not going to get another school soon when the one you have is destroyed.

Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Reginah Mhaule took to Twitter and strongly condemned the incident and urged community members to report any further looting to law enforcement 

We condemn in the strongest terms, any attempts of destruction, burning and looting of our schools. Protect the future of this country. Report any suspicious acts to law enforcement

Manuel says they initially believed the looting was due to the feeding scheme but minds changed when items such as computers, photocopy machines among other items were also stolen.

"At first, the Department of Education in KZN alerted schools that have feeding schemes to check if there was no food in schools because there was an assumption that this may be the target, however, it seems to be random in terms of computers, photocopiers and things like that being stolen," said Manuel

The spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education, Elijah Mhlanga, also pointed out that this will have a negative impact on the province's educational sector and pupils when it is time to resume schooling.

"Schools have been damaged in KwaZulu-Natal in the unrest. That means when learners return teaching and learning will not happen further exacerbating learning losses already suffered due to Covid-19," Mhlanga wrote on a Twitter post. 

Furthermore, Manuel says that schools in the province have become more vulnerable targets since the attention of the authorities is focused on other areas of resolving the issue of the riots and looting.


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