3 Year Recovery Plan For Schools


The 2021 academic year is set to begin on 25 January for teachers and 27 January for the learners with a 3-year recovery plan which will make up for lost time due to the current pandemic.

On Thursday during a briefing, Angie Motshekga, Basic Education Minister, announced that the 3-year recovery plan will be implemented from next year.

"As part of the 3-year curriculum recovery plan, from 2021, we will be implementing the recovery annual teaching plans (ATP) in all Grades, R -12. The basis of the recovery ATPs, is the trimmed curriculum; but now includes the learning losses to be recovered in each grade, based on the learning losses in the previous grade," said the Minister

Motshekga spoke about the readiness of schools and issues which are currently affecting the basic education sector.

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic caused many learners to lose class time as schools closed down and then reopened with many changes such as social distancing, rotational attendance and closure of certain schools due to increased infections.

To lessen the impact of time lost, the recovery plan will take place over a period of three years, starting in 2021 to 2023, which will slowly recover the learning losses and at the same time build on the foundational content needed for the following grade.

"The recovery ATPs, focus mainly on the core and fundamental content knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required in each grade and subject, to ensure deep learning and content mastery as opposed to superficial learning," said Motshekga.

Teacher assistants will also be a great help in the recovery process. Which is why 300 000 young people have been employed by the Basic Education Department to work in schools. 

The initiative is part of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme created by President Cyril Ramaphosa. 200 000 young people will receive employment opportunities as Education Assistants, and 100 000 will be General School Assistants.

 The programme will be achieved through the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI).

The BEEI aims to address academic disruption due to COVID-19 and also address a few systemic challenges.

Education Assistants will assist teachers in the class and provide learners with extra support, while General School Assistants help schools comply with the health protocols set in place during the current pandemic.

The initiative will help strengthen capacity at schools until the end of March 2021.

According to the Minister, "More than 65% of the recruits have been captured and the month of December and January will be used for training and induction. They will work in areas that include ICTs, reading, mathematics, robotics and coding."

The calendar for the 2022 academic year has been proposed.

All members of the public and stakeholders are asked to make their suggestions by mid-January 2021 before the calendar is finalised.




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