SRD Grant Payment Dates For September 2023

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With September almost coming to an end, it's time for the latest SRD grant payment dates to be issued. Knowing when and where SASSA grants are being paid is very important for beneficiaries.


The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant previously had no set payment date, but recent developments have changed that. Beneficiaries now receive their R350 during the last week of the month. 

When will SRD grants for September be paid?

For September 2023, the SRD grant payments will be processed from 22 - 29 September, 2023. 

During that payment week, grant beneficiaries are encouraged to view their grant status online, via the official SASSA SRD website. Checking the website also lets beneficiaries know the exact date when their money will be reflected in their bank accounts

How To Do A SASSA Status Check Online

You will want to check your SASSA SRD balance status to see how your grant application is doing. There are a number of ways to check SASSA status and find out your payment date.

Make sure that you always use the official SASSA website as there are many fake sites out there.

When you submit personal details like your South African ID number, your banking details or cell phone number you need to be very careful, as this personal information that can be used by criminals.

How To Check Your SASSA Status Online

  1. Visit the SASSA SRD grant website
  2. Scroll down to 'Application status'. 
  3. Select 'Click here to check online'.
  4. Fill in the required fields.
  5. You should then be able to see the SASSA SRD status of your grant application.

It's important to know your grant status at all times. Keep trying until you see the message: "SASSA Status Approved". 

Where To Collect Your R350 Grant

R350 grant beneficiaries can choose to have their grant paid directly into their bank account. This allows them to access the money as soon as it is available. 

SRD grant-holders can also access their grant payments through the CashSend payment option and retail stores such as Pick N Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and Boxer stores.

What Is The SRD Grant?

The SRD grant was initially introduced as a temporary form of social relief, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the heavy lockdowns that followed, but due to the support it provided to the most vulnerable of South African citizens, the grant has been extended on multiple occasions.  

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides individuals with a social grant to help pay for monthly essentials.

SASSA introduced the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to help those who are unemployed and not receiving any other form of social assistance. 

SASSA is a government agency in South Africa responsible for administering social grants to eligible citizens depending on their financial status. SASSA was established in 2005 and is responsible for the distribution of social grants, such as the Old Age Pension, Disability grant, Child Support grant, and others.

SASSA's mandate is to provide a social security net for the vulnerable and needy members of society, particularly those who are unable to support themselves financially.

The R350 SRD Grant is available to South African citizens, permanent residents, asylum seekers and special permit holders if they are without any income source. The success of the SRD grant has encouraged those who support the introduction of a Basic Income Grant in South Africa.

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Social grants seek to ensure that the country's most vulnerable citizens do not go hungry and fall into extreme poverty, however, this cannot be achieved if grants are not paid to their intended recipients. The agency responsible for grant payments is working to ensure payments are made on time in October 2023. 


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