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As students get closer to writing their final exams, it becomes important that all the information learnt and hours spent doing homework and 8:30 a.m. lectures is retrievable on exam day. 


With the exam season right around the corner, I think now is a great time to talk about how to crush your final exams.

Celebrity fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee plans to grow the South African fashion industry through the Gert-Johan Coetzee bursary programme.Gert-Johan Coetzee believes to give back to the community, and his two annual bursaries, one for Fashion Design and Fashion Communication.

In honour of its 150th anniversary in 2012, Standard Bank launched the 150 Bursary Fund to provide full-cost sponsorships to tertiary students. 

Are you currently a learner residing in Mitchels Plain or attend a school in Mitchells Plain and looking for funding? Mitchells plain Bursary and Role Model Trust is offering bursaries now.

Have you ever been studying hard and felt prepared for the exam but when you walk into your exam your mind goes blank? As you sit down to start your tests you notice your sweaty palms and a pit in your stomach.


I want our young people to know that they matter, and that they should not be afraid.


As a graduate you have your sights set on getting into the working world and starting the on-the-job training that will launch your career. 

Simple Science South Africa is a Youtube channel dedicated to helping learners understand concepts in Physical Science. With the final matric exams coming up, the videos on the channel could be the perfect way for you to finally grasp that concept you've been struggling with.

Matriculants are entering into their semi-final exams called prelims. The prelim exams serve as a trial run before the final exam takes place. Many students often feel overwhelmed with emotions when it comes to this time of the year.

While other provinces have been struggling to get learners to attend classes, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) said it has seen a slight increase in the attendance of learners. Although the attendance rate has improved, schools in the province still face problems.

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) has released a timetable for the final matric exams. Some learners have already started writing their final exams and the spotlight is on them, as the average pass rate at IEB schools is between 97% and 98%. 


The Basic Education Department in Limpopo is concerned about learners who have not been attending school since the beginning of the lockdown. The absence of these learners has contributed to the high absentee rate in the province.

Grade 12 learners in the Eastern Cape will be able to write the final exam in isiXhosa. The Eastern Cape is targeting a pass rate of 80% as close to 80 000 matric learners prepare to write the final exam. 


Finding qualified markers to mark the final matric exam papers will be tough for the department this year because many markers over the age of 60 will not be available. The department relies heavily on markers in this age group because many of them have years of experience, but many have been dealing with comorbidities. 


Exams can be one of the most overwhelming times for many students. It is the time where students have to mentally prepare themselves for their final academic year. It is also a stressful period where students become anxious and stressed to achieve their desired year-end result. 

As we all know by now, we are living in a world that is constantly changing. This has had an impact on learning and finding adaptive tools and techniques to continuously improve students' learning. Most students use technology as part of their everyday lives which creates a better opportunity for learning to be more effective. With the many available online resources the quality of education opens a door of opportunities. These opportunities range from advanced research, quality information, increased knowledge and discovering new ways to improve educational outcomes. 


Grade 12 learners were the first to return to school this week, as the government rolled out the first phase of its plan to reopen schools. More grades are expected to be phased in throughout August, but some local paediatricians want the government to speed up the process. 

Investec offers a full bursary per year towards study-related expenses. Bursaries will only be offered to  applicants who are currently in Grade 12 or in their first year of University.

Covid-19 has completely unsettled everything we knew before. Matrics will now have to wait until April to start University. This virus has also taken away many lives and has affected students and staff in the Higher Education sector greatly with thousands infected and some deaths as well.