What You Need To Know About Studying Journalism In South Africa

As a journalist, you get to make a difference in the world. You will be able to explore and have access to information that is not available to many people. You will experience heart-warming moments and shocking truths that most people never see.


As a journalist, you will find yourself writing articles, conducting interviews, moderating discussions, and more. Journalism is not just the career for those who like to write- it's for those who are interested in learning about current events. With journalism, you have the opportunity to work in different media and mediums- from print to digital. 

Journalism is not a dying field.

There are so many opportunities and so much room for growth in this profession. 

Journalism Courses

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A background in Logistics offers one the qualification to be able to oversee or organize the transportation, storage and distribution of goods within a business’ supply chain, which represents a vital part of the business’ ability to perform efficiently. For someone who has their sights set on a career in Logistics, South African private and public universities offer a great variety of qualifications within this field to choose from.