What is Siyavula and How Can It Help You Study?

Siyavula is everything Math and Science. It is an online practice programme, ready to assist you if you are a high school student or currently doing matric. Siyavula is the perfect programme to keep you prepared and ready for your exams.


High Schoolers and second chancers no longer need to spend massive amounts of money to join practice programmes for mathematics and science. Siyavula is here to help you.

Siyavula is an online math and science practice programme meant to assist high school learners and second chancers with their Math and Science studies. It's everything Maths and Science 

Siyavula is available on all devices, whether it be laptops, computers or cellphones. As long as the device can access the internet, you have access to Siyavula. 

The best part is, it's free. If you are a MTN, Vodacom or Telkom user, you have free access to Siyavula, no data or wifi needed.

Siyavula gives leaners access to practice material they need to prepare for their exams and offers learners past papers to study from.

They cover Mathematics from Grade 8 to Grade 12 and Physical Science from Grade 10 to Grade 12. 

The past papers provided are for Mathematics and Physical Science from Grade 11 and Grade 12, perfect for senior students to practice on before exams.

They also allow access to open source textbooks for free for people to study from. The textbooks are downloadable, making it accessible from anywhere.

Leaners who are struggling with certain questions even have the option to share the question via Whatsapp or Facebook, with their teachers or friends to assist them. The person you decide to share it with does not even need a Siyavula account. 

They also have an app available to download, which unfortunate does come at a data cost, but all the content of the app can be accessed for free once downloaded.

Siyavula is a innovative and great way for students to prepare themselves for their exams and keep practicing with anything they find themselves struggling with. So if you are a high school student or doing matric, Siyavula is here to help.

To access Siyavula you can go to their website here.

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