Plan Your Exam Time for the Best Results

Exams are a stressful period in any students’ life, which is why leading consumer brands company Procter & Gamble South Africa has shared a few useful tips to help students realign and focus their attention in order to achieve anything they set their mind to.

It's very difficult to manage your exam time and staying focussed. Take note of the top five study tips below to help you breeze through the exam period:

Have a plan

Know what needs to be done and by when and plot it on a calendar.

Divide subjects into segments and allocate time accordingly.

Allow time buffers to revise, do mock-tests or seek help for challenging subject segments.

Get into a routine

Where possible, follow a balanced daily routine. Benefits include:

  • Limit distraction/ procrastination o Reduced stress
  • Foster a sense of achievement
  • Prioritise self-care – set aside some time for yourself!

Make it a group thing

Find people who can support you – particularly in subjects which are personally challenging.

Group learning can help:

  • Make you feel accountable
  • Expand your knowledge and study skills
  • Break study monotony o Hone ‘real world’ people skills

Manage your stress

A certain amount of stress is normal during exam time but too much can be overwhelming which negatively affects your studies. Help reduce stress by:

  • Breathing correctly – yes you can get it wrong! Calm your mind by taking time to breathe in deeply. In through your nose & out through your mouth. Repeat at least 5 times.
  • Go offline – limit phone use to certain times during the day. Keep your phone out of sight to avoid temptation.

Give your body the fuel it needs to succeed

Eat foods which nourish your body and your brain, such as: o Grains and starches o Nuts and seeds o Berries o Omega-3 e.g. fatty fish o Healthy fats: e.g. avocado, olives, olive oil

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated · Get adequate rest – sleep is important all-night cramming won’t benefit you in the long run Achieving your best results will help lay an important foundation for your future.

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