Advice For 2021 Matrics



MATRIC!!!! Such an exciting yet scary, uncertain, stressful, confusing, exhausting year. Matrics of 2021, are you ready for what is too come? Life after matric is....well, let's just say a handful. Here is some advice for you.

Advice for the Matrics of 2021

Do not panic

Prepare well in advance, now already if you can, for your final examinations. The key is to remain calm and rely on what you already know and your preparation in the various school subjects since Grade 10 and even earlier. If you panic, you are likely to forget important information because when you are stressed you cannot think or recall clearly. Listen to music. Find a Trevor Noah DVD and have a good laugh the night before the exams.

Do not cram

Many of you will stay up all night and try to push the last bits of information into your head. Bad idea. You need a good sleep, first of all, and cramming leads to forgetting. You should be planning which sections of work to study in advance, and go through each section carefully and calmly. Do not leave everything to the last minute. Cramming is not learning.

Keep perspective

Know that if you do poorly in the exams, it is not the end of the world. You can retake the examination or do a bridging course to university. Many of my best students took an additional year before they entered the mainstream degree. In fact, one of my three Dux students this year came through a bridging course and now she is a top student in the actuarial sciences. Whatever you do, do not harm yourself. One examination can never be a judgment on your worth as a human being and a potential scholar of the future.

Hang out with positive people

There is nothing more debilitating than to have friends at this stage who are negative and who tell you to expect the worst. These doom-and-gloom prophets can cause you to slump into defeat before you even gave the exams your best shot. Hang out with calm, positive people in the days and weeks leading to the examinations.





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