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Q: I already have a job, but I don’t know how to get an apprenticeship. Can you help me?

Approach your employer to get an aptitude test for you. Once you’ve had your test, approach either your Human Resources or Training Department to register you on an apprenticeship. The Seta that covers the economic sector of your employer may also have be running artisan projects or providing support for artisan training.

If there are a number of you interested in a company or in an industrial area, it may be possible to make arrangements for a a Training Provider to come to your place of work to conduct the course.

An example of a Seta project is that of Merseta, who are the main Seta involved in underwriting apprenticeships. In 2008 they launched an Accelerated Artisan Training Programme.

“In terms of the programme, learners condense a three- or four-year apprenticeship into 18 months. “What we are doing with the accelerated artisan training programme is eliminate repetitive learning: learners emerge from the schooling system with an N3 or N4, cannot find jobs and then embark on apprenticeships where they spend much of the time being taught what they have already learned,” says Dr Raymond Patel.

“We’re taking learners with a minimum of an N3 certification and assuming that the theoretical knowledge and base are already in place. Once that has been verified (by testing), they commence a 24-week classroom simulation of a workplace learning environment and then go on to a 56-week period”

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