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The artisan qualification consists of both theoretical and practical training. The theoretical knowledge is usually gained at technical colleges or technical schools. To obtain the necessary practical experience, you need to find an employer that is willing to sign an apprenticeship contract with you and enable you to gain the necessary experience.

You will need to work with a qualified Artisan – also known as a “Journeyman”.

Apprenticeships for major trades, such as electricians and plumbers have tradionally been for a period of three to four years. However, you may sit a trade test and obtain this qualification in a shorter time period. Alternatively, you may serve the full period of time and you will then be a “time-served” artisan.

An apprenticeship is usually longer than a learnership – but both lead to a work-based qualification.

As we currently have a major shortage of artisans, a number of alternative routes to qualification have been developed.

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