Secure Learnerships, Internships and Employment Opportunities With Knowledge Trust


Jaryd Raizon from Knowledge Trust is giving you more insight into where and how you can gain access to learnerships, internships and employment opportunities. Knowledge Trust has also launched the Learnership Readiness Programme to help prepare young people for learnerships.


Want to know more on how to find and secure a learnership, internship or employment opportunity? Knowledge Trust can help you!

Careers Portal sat down with Jaryd Raizon from The Knowledge Trust and he shared his tips for those looking to enter into a learnership. 

He also spoke on the Learnership Readiness Programme which is a zero-rated, fully online programme specifically designed to give young people the best possible chance at getting and thriving in a Learnership and explains why learnerships are so important in South Africa.

Knowledge Trust has placed their main focus on learnerships which are structured learn-and-earn programmes where you study and work at the same time.

What Are Learnerships?

Learnerships help you get qualified, paid and gain work experience all in one. These are designed to help you get a qualification. After completing a learnership, you gain an NQF qualification.

This is important as employers in SA often look at qualification along with work experience when deciding who to hire.

Learnership Readiness Programme  

Schools don't teach you how to be adequately prepared to go into a learnership and aren't taught the skills and principles needed when it comes to operating in a professional environment.

From contracts and mentors to planning and managing, the Learnership Readiness Programme can help you with this.

This is free and zero-rated and is only a seven step programme.

Jaryd assures you, "Once they've gone through this programme, they'll have a much higher chance of getting into a learnership, they'll have a much higher chance of thriving in that learnership and they'll have a substantially higher opportunity of being absorbed and retained after".

This programme will also help you gain knowledge on how to avoid being exploited. You will know what to expect and what red flags to look out for. 

Another important bonus is that you'll learn how to negotiate your salary as young people are generally taken advantage of.

For more on the Learnership Readiness Programme, click here. 

Tips For Learnerships & Internships

Jaryd's number one tip is to find a learnership that is relevant to the career that you want to pursue. 

"You find that many young people in the country are just so desperate that they apply for anything and everything but that really doesn't serve the greater," Jaryd explains.

The general principle is that it all comes down to the recruitment phase when looking at the success of a learnership and internship. Securing the right learner is highly important and it is therefore important that the right time and budget must be allocated to finding this person.

Knowledge Trust

Raizon is the founder of Trusted Interns which connects first-time job seekers with corporates, startups, and agencies. Trusted Interns then merged with Knowledge Trust and they now aim to change lives.

Knowledge Trust is on a mission to make education more accessible to more people more often in a sustainable way. They want to realise their vision of a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. 

They do a lot of work in the employment space to help unemployed youth get their first job. 

Jaryd hits us with reality when he says, "Young people represent 60% of our population and at the moment 63.1% of the young people in society are either not in employment or training or education."

This is where Knowledge Trust steps in to help this huge pool of talented individuals become economically active and support themselves.

Visit the Knowledge Trust website to access exclusive education and career opportunities to reach their full potential. 





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