Felix Risk Training Consultants aim to provide training services that are of high-quality standards and meet the needs and expectations of their students. They believe that all students should receive good education. Short and skills courses are offered at their campus. They are situated in Durban. Learnerships and internships are awarded to students to provide training.

Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy specialises in skills development and training, higher education, employment, marketing, teacher training, Continued Professional Teacher Development (CPTD), Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and offers formal qualifications in different sectors of the economy. They encourage life-long learning. A large variety of courses are offered at their campuses. There are four campuses.

Commerce and Computer College of South Africa aims to uplift all learners through quality education and skills development programs hence empowering them to become successful and contributing members of society. They offer various courses at their campus. Student facilities such as the library and computer lab are available to all students for school purposes. Bursaries are awarded to students who perform exceptionally well and those who need financial assistance.



Central Technical College aims to educate and train their students to become professionals in the fields of Engineering, Management and Humanities. They offer full-time and part-time courses. Short learning programmes are also offered. There are four campuses, each offering certain courses.



Brooklyn City College aims to provide great teaching methods and focus on student aspirations and personal development. They strive to teach their students skills and strategies to help them become effective, independent and resilient, preparing them for later stages of school and life. They offer a large variety of courses as well as short courses. There are five campuses. Arts, sports, community service and adventure are a large part of providing a holistic campus life for the students.

Berea Technical College aims to help their students on their journey to employment, with their teaching and learning curriculum that focuses on qualifications that are employable. They have a 100% graduate employment rate, due to their graduate employment programme that is available at their campus. Along with offering a wide variety of courses, distance learning is also available to those who prefer to study from home. The campus has a library for students to use for study purposes.

BePe Developments aims to make a difference in communities and learners’ lives through quality education which promotes social and economic development with an aim of generating growth and sustainability. They offer a large range of courses, which will help students take a step closer to their careers.

Atholl Munday College aims to provide their students with the best quality education and training. They offer a wide range of artisan learnerships and apprenticeships in Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Welding. Their campus is located in KwaZulu-Natal.


Anchorlite College SA aims to provide quality programmes and resources to enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of their students, so that they may take pride in making a productive contribution in a developing South Africa. Full-time and part-time courses are offered at their campus. Academic support is avilable to all students from their lecturers. 







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