Training and Resources in Early Education is a non-profit organization that specializes in Early Childhood Development, resource and training. Their mission is to ensure that children between the ages of 0-4 years receive quality education to promote healthy brain growth and development. Their programmes seek to equip individuals with the skills in Early Childhood Development.

Thekwini City College aims to be the training institution of choice for all South African individuals. Their mission is to provide quality vocational, technical and tailor-made corporate education and training programmes that will empower their clients to contribute meaningfully to the growth of South Africa. A variety of courses are offered at their campus.

The International Hotel School's purpose is to educate, empower and ensure employment of their graduates. 93% of their students are employed after graduation. Along with offering a variety of courses, online learning and staff training is offered at their campuses.

TEK-MATION Training Institute aims to be the leading provider of excellent education, training and skills development. They offer a variety of courses including short courses and basic skills programmes. Apprenticeships and learnerships are awarded to deserving students who are hard working and determined.

Successors Training Institute aims to provide quality education and training to their students, by continously improving their teaching methods. A wide variety of courses are offered at their campus. Students will be able to pursue many different National Diplomas, Higher Certificates, FET Certificates and National Certifcates in any of their qualifications.

Stella College strives to be the leading college in the country for providing quality education. They aim to contribute positively to the country by improving the health and knowledge of the nation. A variety of courses are offered at their campus.

Springfield FET College's mission is to create entrepreneurs through the provision of affordable, quality and empowering business and computer education and skills, using outcomes based training programmes. A variety of courses are offered. There are four campuses, each offering certain courses.

Shakaland Technical College strives to empower their students by providing them with quality education, training and skills development. They look forward to seeing their students succeed in the workplace or as entrepreneurs. A variety of courses are offered at their campus.Tutoring and support services are avaliable to all their students to help them when needed.

South African College Of Business aims to produce employable graduates that will be able to work anywhere in the world. Their students rank in the Top 10 professional body assessments. Along with providing a large number of courses, distance learning is also provided to their students. Support services are available to all students.






SA Maritime School and Transport College is the oldest Maritime school in South Africa. They aim to equip their students with the necessary skills required in the maritime, shipping, and transport industries. Their teaching staff are interested in seeing their students succeed, therefore they provide their students with quality education and training. A variety of courses are offered, on a full-time and part-time basis.

Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology strives to educate and equip their students with the necessary skills required in their career fields. They offer a wide variety of courses at their campuses. There are seventy campuses, each offering certain courses. Bursaries are awarded to deserving students.

Qualitas Career Academy aims to provide quality private education that empowers their students to make their dreams come true. Their teaching staff are passionate and dedicated to see their students succeed. A variety of academic programmes are offered. E-learning courses are also offered at their college. There are two campuses, each offering certain courses.

Production Management Institute of Southern Africa tailors their programmes to meet the needs of their students. They offer a variety of courses as well as short courses and workshops. Learnerships and apprenticeships are also offered to students who have a good work ethic and are determined to reach their dream career through these opportunities.

iCOLLEGE provides students fully paid courses, which means that students only have to pay the registration fee. Their vision is to empower the youth of South Africa and make them employable. Only full-time courses are offered at their campuses. There are 17 campuses nationwide. Once their students graduate, they are offered job placements at the companies that sponsored them during their study period.



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