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How To Maximise Your Internship Experience


Internships are more than just making copies and getting coffee. It's your chance to apply what you're learning in the classroom in the real world and gain skills and knowledge throughout the process. 


If you're looking for a job it can seem like everything requires 3-5 years of experience. In fact experience can be the crucial factor in who gets hired for a job and who doesn't. Employers love experience but research also shows that tertiary education is just as essential.

So how can you get both education and experience? It’s simple, through internships.

Internships help students get the job you want by cultivating the professional networks and skills you'll need to succeed. Internships can really improve your employability regardless of what you're majoring in.

Majority of internships are paid so intern early and intern often. 

How to maximise your internship experience:

  • Be polite, courteous and friendly with everyone at the organisation from the bottom to the top.
  • Take only specified break times and avoid missing work. If you must miss work, request permission from your supervisor in advance. 
  • Mix and mingle. It can be easy to stay in your comfort zone. 
  • Spend time with the other interns.
  • One-on-ones are key in ensuring that your internship will yield meaningful work.
  • If your internship doesn't already include your own project you should work with your supervisor to design one. This should be beyond the daily responsibilities, something that you can call your own. You will have something to showcase at the end of your internship experience whether it be a product or presentation and this will add value to you and your employer.
  • Similar to office dress is learning about office culture. You want to follow the lead of your co-workers. How do they speak on the phone in the shared space. Do they always arrive early for meetings? Understanding organisation culture is huge and helps you better communicate with those around you.
  • Most importantly have fun. Enjoy your internship experience. 

Make sure you have a successful internship. Go on and show them their all-star intern is excited about your internship.

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