University of Limpopo Online Science Programmes

The Science Education Centre at the University of Limpopo will be moving its science programmes online. The programmes promote science awareness and aim to not only educate learners in school but members of the public as well.

The science activities will be available on various social media platforms to educate learners about anything science-related at the comfort of their home.

A number of activities have been planned to take place from 15 July to 31 December 2020. These activities include:

  1. Science Quiz, Trivia, Science facts etc. 
  2. Mini workshops 
  3. Science Demonstrations/experiments
  4. Science Talks/Webinars

These activities will take place online using Zoom. They will also be available on the Science Education social media pages:

Facebook: ULSEC

Twitter: @ULSECentre

Instagram: ulsecentre

August Activities

1. Activity: Science Talks/Webinars(invited specialists or panel to give presentations on science and technology-related

Platform: Zoom, Facebook and YouTube

Frequency: Once per month for 4 months. Starting at the end of each month from August to November

To Be Confirmed

2. Activitiy: Science Shows (Live or pre-recorded science show on particular science themes)

Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Frequency: Twice per month

3. Activity: Experiments demonstration (prescribed experiments for the current revised curriculum)

Platform: Facebook, YouTube 

Frequency: Twice per month

4. Activity: Exam revision

Platform: Zoom

Frequency: Twice per month

Schools are encouraged to contact the University of Limpopo if they need help with certain science curriculum topics.

Email: or

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