SADC Secondary School Essay Competition Now On

Calling all secondary school learners! The 2021 SADC Secondary School Essay Competition is happening. Enter now and you could win your share of 1000 US dollars!


The 2021 SADC Secondary School Essay Competition is happening so if you're a secondary school learner, enter now to stand a chance to win 1000 US dollars. You will also have a chance to sharpen your essay writing and research skills!

In 1995 the SADC Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secondary School Essay Competition to recognize the best work in the region. Since 1996 the SADC Secretariat has been coordinating the Secondary School Essay Competitions to encourage learners in the Region to understand the role of SADC and disseminate information on SADC in order to support the process of regional co-operation and integration.

This year's topic is, "How has SADC contributed to peace and security of the region in the last 40 years and how can SADC consolidate peace going forward?"

The following questions must be used as a guide when completing the essay and must be answered:

1. Discuss some of the key objectives for the formation of SADC and the instruments that were put in place to achieve the set objectives and mandate (250 words, 20 points)

2. The apartheid system in South Africa had many negative effects for the SADC region. Explain how the system posed as a threat to peace and security in the region and how the region worked collectively to end the system (250 words, 20 points)

3. One of the major aims of SADC is to build peace, stability and security. According to your understanding discuss what you think is the best approach to mitigating internal and external conflicts and highlight through examples on how SADC has over the years successfully worked as a collective to ensure peace, stability and security. (250 words, 30 points)

4. Discuss in general the threats to peace, security and stability which the SADC region is facing now and how the region can address these threats in order to maintain peace and stability in the years ahead, using contemporary approaches to conflict, violence, security, peace and development. (250 words, 30 points).

Prizes for 2021 are:

  • First Prize 500 US dollars 
  • Second Prize 300 US dollars
  • Third Prize 200 US dollars

Your essay must be between 1000 and 2000 words and must be in English.

It's advisable to type your entry and submit it both in soft in PDF format and hard copies. You should then use Arial 1.5 line spacing.

Applicants must be willing and fit to travel.

Your entry should be submitted through email to the following:

They may sign and initial the hard copies to make sure that they have not been altered.

Those submitting hard-written scripts, should ensure that their entries are visible and should not scribe on both sides of the sheet.

The three selected essays from each Province will be forwarded to the Department of Basic Education and the three national winning essays will be submitted to the SADC Secretariat.

Entries for this competition close on 31 March. 

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