Which Grade 12 Maths Should I Take?

Mathematics has been giving many learners sleepless nights for many years simply because of the effort each learner needs to put in in order to achieve a pass. Many of those fears come from ideas that are not tested for facts, but you can read further for more information about the subject.


Mathematics is known for its problem-solving ability which becomes the necessary life skill that we all need.

There are two main kinds of Mathematics subjects that you can choose from while in Grade 12 depending on which qualification you aim to study at University or College.

The following are the different Maths subjects and their technical differences:

Mathematics Literacy

According to education experts, Maths Literacy has knowledge and skills that learners can apply in their everyday lives, but many writers cause confusion by comparing Pure Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy.

The experts advise that Maths Literacy goes beyond academic focus and aims to give individuals with basic Mathematics skills they can use in their lives.

It's not a secret that many institutions of learning don’t have confidence in students with Maths Literacy in the place of Pure Maths in Technical or Science qualifications.  

Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics focuses on technical aspects and scientific qualifications such as Medicine, Engineering, Physics, and other qualifications would then need strong academic excellence in pure mathematics and science.

Universities would rather choose Pure Maths students in order to ensure competitiveness in the ability to cope in Science and Pure Maths qualifications but this is not true for other qualifications which are more language based.

You don’t necessarily need Pure Maths to do journalism and non-scientific qualifications as they focus on different skills that a Pure Maths student may not necessarily have.

In scientific qualifications like Medicine, Physics and others that needs strong scientific background, Pure Maths is preferred. However, in qualifications like Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations and other non-scientific qualifications, Maths Literacy is also favoured.


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