Skills Academy Adult Matric Courses Are A Game-Changer

Are you interested in getting your matric certificate? Regardless of your age, getting your matric as an adult doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. Skills Academy Adult Matric Courses aim to help you achieve your study goals.


Reasons to get Your Matric

Get Hired

Many job requirements require you to have a minimum of matric as a qualification. You need to have a matric to be even considered. Increase your chances of getting hired by getting your certificate. 

Further Your Studies

Having a matric will give you more options when it comes to furthering your studies. 

Invest in You

One of the best things you can do is to get your matric, enrol for a course and upskill yourself.                    

Skills Academy Adult Matric Courses

They believe in second chances, and therefore they focus on making studying accessible to all. It’s rare to find a learning institution that allows you to get your grade 12 certificate via distance learning.  

Adult Matric

Never finished school because you had other responsibilities to take care of? No matter what the reason may be, you now have the opportunity to get your grade 12 certificate as an adult while enjoying flexible learning hours and take care of your duties while studying.

Chances are you are not happy with your matric results. If you failed a subject, or don’t meet the college or university requirement, you can redo your matric to get the results you want. You can combine your old results with the subjects you rewrote. 

Entry Requirements for Adult Matric

It’s never too late to enrol for a matric course. 

To enrol for Skills Academy's matric courses you need to:

  • Be at least 21 years or older
  • Understand the English language
  • For adult matric you need to have a transcript of your grade 9 (standard 7) results. 


For more information or to apply to complete your adult matric, click here.

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