How To Access Your Matric Rewrite Results

Sunday, 29 August, 2021 - 09:29
Lauren Chawula

If you have written the matric rewrite examinations in May/June of 2021 and you’re wondering how you could access your results, keep reading to find out.


During the May/June examination period people around South Africa are given the opportunity to rewrite their matric examinations in order for them to acquire a matric certificate or give those who want to improve their results an opportunity to do so.

The matric rewrite results for the May/June Examinations have been released and candidates are now able to access their results.

Candidates can access their matric rewrite results by collecting it at a district office or the exam centre they wrote at. Senior Certificate candidates can obtain their results from the Education Department website.

How To Access Senior Certificate Results Online

  • Click here for the Education Department website
  • Enter your examination number
  • Proceed to enter other personal details
  • Click ‘search’
  • Your results should then appear on the screen.


If a candidate is not satisfied with their result then they can request a recheck or remark or request to view their script. This can be done at the exam centre or the district office, where candidates will be assisted when completing the application form for these purposes. 

The May/June examinations are done through the Second Chance Matric Programme. This porgramme also offers face to face support programmes, learning support material and online support.


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