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Selecting A Qualification Based On Your Interests

How do you go about choosing the right course for you? If you find the right course, at the right university or college, and you will be inspired to succeed.

So how do you make the right choice? Select a qualification based on your interests. 

Understanding your interests, skills, values, and what it is you really enjoy is the first step toward choosing the right qualification for you. There is nothing worse than studying something you absolutely despise or know you won't be good at. After all what you study is what will direct you in your career path someday. 

Accounting sciences

Are you interested in numbers and figures, budgeting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, auditing and taxation? Then consider studying something in the accounting sciences field. 

Agriculture and environmental sciences

Are you interested in physical activity, working with your hands, animals or plant, people, caring for the environment, life sciences, agriculture, fixing things or working with clothing? If you answered yes to any of these then agriculture and environmental sciences is perfect for you. 

Economic and management sciences

Are you interested in running your own or someone else's business, selling products or services, managing finance, managing or leading people, planning activities, and marketing? Then consider studying something in the management field. 

Science, engineering and technology

Are you interested in science, mathematics, problem solving, working with data, designing things, knowing how things work, working with computers, technology and inventions? Then consider studying something in the engineering or technology field. 


Are you interested in legal matters, persuading people, social justice, solving difficult matters, influencing people, applying rules and regulations, and protecting others? Then consider studying something in the law field. 


Are you interested in working with the development of children, development of adults, working with learners with special needs, and assessing, testing and referring learners? Then consider studying something in the education and training field. 

Arts, humanities & social sciences

Are you interested in art, reading, writing, helping people cope with their problems, music, spiritual or religious issues, community work, politics and society, history and learning about different cultures? Then consider studying something in the design, arts, drama, social sciences fields. 

Yes, this is an choosing what qualification is an important decision. Don’t spend the next few years of your life staring at textbooks you have no interest in. Remember, it’s all about passion so keep the excitement alive, and you will succeed.


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