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MATRICS: 6 Steps To Making One Of Your Most Important Decisions Ever


As the Matric Class of 2020 settle into their final year of school and get to grips with the challenges of the year ahead, an education expert has warned that they need to start thinking about their plans for next year sooner rather than later.

“One of the most important decisions young people will ever need to take, is what they will study after school. Following closely on that one, is the decision about where to study,” says Tammy Oppenheim, Head of Programme: Faculty of Humanities at The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider.

She says the options available in terms of institution, field and qualification today are so much wider than ever before. Despite this, prospective students often still don’t investigate the full array of what is on offer, opting at the last minute for a traditional 3-year degree at a public institution.

“This is why we urge Matrics to start investigating and considering the pros and cons of various qualifications and institutions right away, so that when the time comes, they opt for the route which is most likely to see them succeed in a field which really excites them,” she says. It is important for students to prepare and completely aim for great results as early as grade 11 already. 

Oppenheim says the process of narrowing down options should take into account:



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