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How Students Can Benefit From Taking A Gap Year


A gap year is when students take a break after high school before embarking their tertiary studies. There is this misconception that  taking a gap year will make you forget everything you’ve learnt at school.


Many students consider a gap year to explore, gain new experiences, earn money and put life into perspective. Katie Schellenberg says, “pointing out that extra time helps many people gain perspective on what they really want from their education.”

It is not only a myth, but a gap year can be used for various reasons such as:

  • Travelling the world
  • Gaining work experience
  • Upskilling yourself
  • Doing internships
  • Volunteering 
  • Studying abroad

Advantages of taking a gap year:

  • Developing new life skills
  • Identifying your passion
  • Improve yourself 
  • Boost your job prospects
  • Life experiences can prepare you for college/university 
  • Gives you an opportunity to work and earn money

Is taking a gap year a good idea?

This is a debatable question. It can be overwhelming especially when you are not sure which direction you will be heading. Taking the time out to realign your thoughts can help you decide what it is that you are really passionate about and work towards achieving your dream goal.
If attending college is part of your plan, you will have to ask yourself how would taking a gap year affect your future? If you are planning on taking a gap year, be sure to take full advantage of opportunities that come your way. Try and utilize your time effectively by exploring, developing your skills, gain new experiences and discover your passion. One way to benefit from a gap year is to work in an industry that you would want to pursue in college. Being productive enhances you as an adult and prepares you for the corporate environment. 

Therefore, taking a gap year is not a bad idea and can be a great opportunity to pursue a career that you are passionate about.



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