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Bridging Courses, Your Second Chance

matric bridging course

Students who weren't successful in their university applications don't need to give up. Bridging courses offer them a way forward and success can be theirs.


Students who are unsuccessful in their applications can become discouraged. It can be especially disappointing if you fail to meet the requirements of your selected course. However, there are options available to students in the form of a bridging course. Bridging courses provide a way for students to qualify for specific study programmes and work towards their ideal career. Bridging courses are primarily offered to students who need to improve their understanding in subjects that relate to particular study programmes. 

The way a bridging course works is that you will choose to do a course focussing on sub-disciplines that would help you in your desired university course. However, they will not be added as credit to your desired university course. They are short and focus on specific programmes. These short courses are offered at universities only and teach introductory level subjects such as mathematics, physical science and life sciences. They are beneficial to high school leaving learners as it introduces them to what higher education institutions expect and are like. 

Some colleges offering bridging courses:

  • Damelin
  • Intec College
  • Abbotts College
  • Oxbridge Academy
  • Taal- Net Training Institute
  • Brainline

Universities that also offer bridging courses:

  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • Durban University of Technology
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • University of Limpopo
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Witwatersrand
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of KwaZulu- Natal
  • University of Johannesburg
  • North-West University

High school students need not to be anxious about a lesser result obtained in high school as there are always options to improve on those results and students will have an opportunity to achieve their goals, it would only involve students taking extra measures, having more dedication and motivation and applying the necessary effort. Their progress might have a delay but in time, it will all be worth it and they can continue on their desired paths. 




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