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Application Tips To Make Acceptances Come Your Way


It is application season for Matrics so it's time to gear up. Having your application looking attractive for universities and colleges is obviously very important. Doing it right, along with getting good results, will have you be a part of the institution you've been wishing for. 


Some higher education institutions are particular about who they let into their institution. Yes, have your results and academics be your main focus but also don't forget about your application as a whole. Knwoing what to say and do will have that anxieties about applying be softened. Preparation is always best and can be the route of your success. 

General things a good application consist of are:

Good results

  • This would need you to study well and stay motivated.
  • Setting up a study plan, getting a tutor and using study resources such as study guides and online resources are just a few things you could benefit from during this process.
  • Putting pressure on yourself to be the best or to only get distinctions, even though setting goals for yourself is good, will only see you have stress added to what's already a stressful time in your life. Balancing the stress and achieving your goals can be tough but with enough discipline, motivation and support you will manage well

A specific, honest, and well-written personal statement

  • Some institutions value certain qualities or skills more or less than other schools but they also generally look for smart, studious, ambitious, and passionate students. It's no surprise then that your application should emphasize your best, most impressive qualities. 
  • Show your interest in being a part of the institution. Institutions want students who are eager to be there and who will exhibit passion through their studies and chosen institution.
  • Explain how you became interested in the school and why you think it's a good fit for you and how attending that institution could benefit your future goals and aspirations. 
  • Advertise yourself as someone who is open to new experiences and one who seeks challenges and see them as a way to improve yourself.
  • Highlight any relevant major accomplishments you have made.

Extracurricular interest or passion 

  • You should discuss your most passionate interests and any big achievements you've made in them. 
  • Take some time to try out new activities and explore any interests you have, both in and outside of school.
  • Joining high school clubs could be advantageous. Having a relevant position in the club is definitely advantageous to you and will showcase your capabilities outside of academics. 
  • If you're not opposed to sports, participating in sports days and school sports teams will show universities your teamwork skills as well as being able to apply yourself and skills outside of academics.
  • Listing any activities you participate in is advantageous

Volunteering experience

  • If you have volunteered somewhere, your efforts should then translate to a noticeable, positive change to the group, community, or area you were aiming to help. 
  • Raising money, helping people or doing things to help the environment shows institutions that you care about the world outside of your academics and your eagerness to give back. 
  • Just participating is enough. 

Compelling letters of recommendation written on your behalf

  • Students should obtain at least one letter of recommendation.
  • Make sure to choose someone whose class you got good results in and is familiar with your abilities, ambitions, and interests.

Work experience

  • This is not that important or necessary, however some form of work experience will be beneficial to you.
  • Having work experience related to your passion and interests showcases that very interest and passion you hold.
  • This shows the institution that you can apply yourself in your chosen field as well as your ability to balance academics with other things. 


  • Showing your achievements is definitely going to benefit your application.
  • They don't necessarily need to be academic.
  • This would show institutions your ability to excel as well as being able to achieve your goals.

However, it's important to remember that what looks good on an application will vary depending on the institution and it's values. You don't necessarily need all the things mentioned above, they would however increase your chances of being accepted. Your goal is to leave a lasting impression on institutions and asserting yourself boldly and passionately through your application will see you garner success.



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