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Resources To Help You Get Distinctions


In Matric and your school is just not doing enough to help you prepare for exams? Anxious about getting the best results so that you can get into the university of your dreams? Here are some resources to help you study and prepare better. 


With Matrics having their very first matric exam approaching, preparation is in order. Sometimes the best way to ease exam stress is to take the stress and have it be geared towards working and studying even harder. To study effectively, Matrics are going to need to do more than be in class every day. Resources such as study guides and tutors would then come in handy. 

Study Guides

Study guides can be seen as background to your textbooks that are designed to help you understand content better as well as have you complete activities geared towards preparing you for exams and exam format. These books make revision easier and helps the learner grasp knowledge better. They can be found at bookstores or even stores such as CNA. Some useful study guide brands include:

  • Study & Master
  • Answer Series
  • X-Kit
  • PASS Exam Guides
  • Ace It!


In our current modern age where everything you need is accessible through your device in the palm of your hand, YouTube could be seen as a very useful tool in studying. Youtube has an endless amount of videos giving learners free lessons on anything you can think of. Without the traditional teacher format, these types of lessons are able to keep learners focused and intrigued by the content being taught. Some useful educational YouTube channels are:

  • Khan academy 
  • Minutephysics
  • Numberphile
  • MindYourDecisions
  • CrashCourse​​​​​

Online Tutoring

Paper Video is an online resource started by a group of South African teachers which allows you to have a tutor at your fingertips for Maths, Physics, Life Science and Accounting. It’s as easy as heading to their website, registering, getting your resources and from there you can start learning. Pricing ranges from free to R1199.

E-Classroom offers you a digital platform to better your education. At R65 per year, you will be provided with good quality educational resources that assists learners in helping prepare for exams through worksheets and practice papers. Visiting their website sees them have resources available for 41 different subjects. Not only are they able to help you in your high school career, they give you access to resources for post-matric courses as well. 

Free Online Resources

The Department of Basic Education supplies free self study guides on their website. They provide notes, examples, problem-solving exercises with solutions and examples of practical activities. Find them here. 

Parent24 has made some free downloadable study guides available for Maths, Science, Languages and more. Find them here. 





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