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Matric Mid-Year Exams – More Than A Test Run For Finals

Matric Midyear Exams

As Matrics from the Class of 2019 get stuck into their mid-year exams, an education expert has warned that they need to remain disciplined and focused right to the end, and not under-estimate the importance of this round of assessments.


“Grade 12s will have noticed that the ante has been upped in these exams, and it will be their first real encounter with the high expectations they will need to meet this year,” says Peter Kriel, General Manager at The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest private higher education institution.

“Once the going gets tough, as is bound to happen, the temptation might be there to take a step back and dismiss these exams as no big deal in the greater scheme of things, in the mistaken belief that the real challenge lies ahead when the finals arrive. But that would be the wrong approach, as the mid-year exams play a crucial role not only in the Matriculant’s preparation for the final exams, but also on their prospects after school. These marks really do count, and learners must do everything they can to perform as well as possible,” he says.


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