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MATRICS: Focus To The End And Make Every Mark Count

As the Matric class of 2018 settle into the rhythm of their final exams, an education expert has warned them not to become complacent thinking the ‘worst’ is behind them, but instead to knuckle down and give it their best sustained effort right until the end.


“It’s all about strategy, and fighting for every last mark you are able to score in your remaining papers,” says Nola Payne, Head of Faculty: Information and Communications Technology at The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest private higher education institution.

“Consistency is key right now, and you will thank your future self for not getting distracted by the light at the end of the tunnel, but rather approaching each paper as a new opportunity to take your grades from good to spectacular,” says Payne.

She says the reason for not relaxing now, with mostly the “easier” subjects remaining, is because small aggregate differences, whether in a specific subject or overall results, can significantly influence options after school.

“There are so many more study options available to today’s young people, both in terms of higher education institutions and qualifications, that they are really able to pick a closer match to their vision for their lives and careers than before. However greater options don’t mean less competition for limited spaces, particularly in very popular new programmes such as Gaming, for instance, so every mark counts when institutions assess applications,” she says.

Payne says learners should approach their remaining papers with a clear head:


“If you didn’t do as well as planned on subjects you’ve already written, you have to let it go,” she says.

“There is nothing you can do about those papers now. However by doubling your efforts for remaining papers, you can potentially make up points that will improve your overall marks. There may also be the option of rewriting a paper, so focus on what you can still change, rather than dwell on that which is behind you.”


“If you did better than you expected in the papers already written, good for you! However don’t be tempted to slack now because the going is great. Gaining better marks than expected may open up a world of new opportunities that you were not even aware of, so make this final push count.

“You also don’t want to ruin your great performance to date by doing worse than you were counting on in upcoming papers, thereby negating the earlier advantage gained.”





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