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I Didn't Achieve The Results I Wanted, Now What? Here Are Your Options

We all know and understand the disappointment that comes with not achieving the results you wanted. For many students this means exams, after which you naturally will choose a career pathway and move on with life. While this may be simpler for some, what if you don’t get the results you expected?

Those learners who passed their matric, but didn't achieve their desired marks or the required marks for entrance into degree study, have the following options:

  • You have the option of sending papers for either a re-mark or re-check
  • Enrolling for a Higher Certificate at a higher education institution, which can give access to degree study
  • Enrolling for a Diploma which can give access to degree study
  • June NSC exam (previously supplementary exams)

This might sound cliché which continues to exist because it is true, is that it does not matter how many times you fall – it matters only how many times you stand up.  


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It’s no secret that people who are truly passionate about their line of work tend to achieve more long term success than those who simply go where they believe their talents lie. They are more motivated to muscle through obstacles and take the risks they need to in order to move to the next level.


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