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How To Get A Matric When You've Already Left School

Adult Matric Abet

If you don’t have a Matric Certificate, you may feel that every one of your school mates is flying high in a top job, or at least employable. The truth is vastly different - according to 2008 statistics - in that out of every 40 pupils who start out together, 31 don’t get their Matric and only 2 gain a university exemption.

In terms of adult literacy, KhaRiGude (let us learn) is a Literacy Campaign launched by the previous Education Minister, Naledi Pandor. It is intended to enable the 4.7 million illiterate adults who are missing out on their schooling to learn to read and write by the end of 2012. The website reports, “It is through this campaign that the developmental state welcomes new learners to the portals of learning.” Visit KhaRiGude for more information.

For 2008's annual youth month celebrations, Western Cape Education MEC, Cameron Dugmore, gave ten practical steps for young people trying to empower themselves. They were:
- Stay at school or get your finish matric
- Attend an FET college
- Study at an adult education centre
- Go to university
- Get a qualification through a learnership
- Go on an internship
- Start a business
- Join the army or police service
- Study to become a teacher
- Volunteer your time

Bear in mind that your local FET College and community colleges offer practical courses such as how to start your own business, bricklaying, carpenting, plumbing and much more. Often courses run for shorter periods of time, such as weeks and months, rather than for three or four years - which means lower tuition rates. You don’t always need a m\Matric certificate to study at an FET College, as their diplomas are designed with basic mathematical and language literacy in mind. Try to find someone who has done the course you’re interested in and talk to them before you register.

This means that not having a Matric certificate is not the end of the world as there are many options available to you even if you don't have one. However if, as an adult, you want to get your Matric, there are ways you can do that too. Also see this article on The Skills Portal for more information.




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