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How To Manage Matric In A TIme Of Uncertainty

Matric can be a challenging school year, and the current conditions have made it more challenging than usual. Wonga Ntshinga, Senior Head of Programme in the Faculty of ICT at The Independent Institute of Education, offers learners some tips to focus on the small victories to get through matric.




Since the national lockdown, many have argued that making learners work from home will make it difficult for progress to be monitored. Wonga Ntshinga says some have even gone as far as saying "a two year perspective should be taken".

For many learners, working from home means not having the physical support of their peers and teachers. Even learners who have access to online learning materials may struggle without the presence of their teachers or peers.

Ntshinga says learners should find comfort in knowing that they are not alone because "the decision-makers are as worried as you are". He encourages all learners to aim to achieve one goal at a time instead of taking on overwhelming routines.

“Identify the one or two things you can do every day that will mean success for you, and strive to then get these done.

His main message is for learners to not lose hope if they are struggling to adjust because this is a difficult time for everyone. "You must try to show yourself every day that you are doing the best you can under the circumstances.”

Ntshinga advises learners to come to terms with the logistics of working from home

He advises learners who need a quiet environment while working from home, to try to reach an agreement with family members regarding quiet times for studying. 

He offers further advice to learners whose schools are making use of digital platforms, he says learners should "Practise the ins and outs of these platforms, so the actual work that you are doing isn’t being slowed down by trying to navigate the app itself". 

For learners using data, he suggests downloading study materials using night-time data and day time data to engage in online classes. WhatsApp can be also be used as a way to stay in touch with friends and to talk about school work.

Learners who are unable to access online resources can make use of programmes put being broadcasted by the SABC.  

Lastly, Ntshinga encourages learners to keep trying to be as productive as possible by doing the small things that they can do to build their future.


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