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How High School Grading Works In South Africa


As times change, grading systems can be confusing. Do we use letters or numbers? Let's see how high school report cards use grades now. 

South African high schools use a grading system of codes 1-7. 

Code 7 (A Symbol): 80 - 100%

Code 6 (B Symbol): 70 - 79%

Code 5 (C Symbol): 60 - 69%

Code 4 (D Symbol): 50 - 59%

Code 3 (E Symbol): 40 - 49%

Code 2 (F Symbol): 30 - 39%

Code 1 (FF Symbol): 0 - 29%

In South Africa, students are required to achieve Grade D or better in order to gain admittance to the Undergraduate programme in South African Higher Education Institutions.

In order to pass a grade, a code 3 is needed in an official language at Home Language level, two other code 3s obtained in any subject and three other subjects where a code 2 was obtained. 

Distinctions are awarded when students obtain a code 7 (80%-100%) in a subject. 


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