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Biggest Ever Matric Exams Planned in December


More than 1 million learners are expected to write the matric exams at the end of the year, according to plans being prepared by the Basic Education department. Despite the disruptions the Department is still hoping to run matric exams before the end of the year with final exams going well into December. 


The national lockdown has caused a major disruption to the schooling year and this is most significant for this year's matric learners.

The Basic Education department has presented their plans to parliament for salvaging the academic year for schools.  The plans are not finalised until the Minister of Basic Education makes a final announcement about the school year, which is expected tomorrow the 30th April.

The department is planning for the grade 12 pupils to write the full set of exams and that they will cover the full curriculum of each subject. The Deputy Minister of Basic Education explained that this is because the exam papers have already been written and prepared.

Because there were no matric exams held in June this year those who would have done re-writes then, or who are home schooled and were going to write the, will now all write at the end of the year. Because of this the national department is expected more than 1 million learners to write the exams.

There will be no exams for grade 12s in May/June but the department is hoping to still run the mock exams in September.

The timing for the grade 12 final matric exams will also be shifted back from the usual October/November timing to November/December 2020. 

The moderation, standardisation of exam papers will happen during December and early January and it is expected that matric results will be released to the middle of end of January 2021.




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