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Examsta: Free Online Quizzes For Learners

It's that time of the year where many learners are drawing mind maps or scrambling to find extra learning resources just before exams start. Online apps have been the go-to for many learners and teachers since Covid-19 hit and Examsta is another great app to consider during this time. 


Examsta is an online educational app that uses tools like quizzes to promote active learning. This method of learning has been proven to have good results for learners in the long run. 

“Widely referred to as ‘retrieval practice’, the teaching method is a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby memory recall is accelerated through regular quizzes.”

Marie de Wet, founder of Examsta and qualified teacher, said there is more to studying than just re-reading and taking notes. The way that learners will most likely benefit from studying is by taking quizzes to test themselves during the process of studying. 

She said many teachers and learners would be able to benefit from using retrieval as a learning method instead of re-teaching. 

“Examsta will give learners the edge when it comes to preparing for exams, where the act of retrieving information prompts the brain to ensure that it is more accessible in the future.”

Learners can use Examsta to access quizzes for different subjects in the South African syllabus. Each quiz consists of 10 to 15 multiple choice questions that come with explanations and diagrams.

The app is currently still in its testing phase, and the quizzes are available for learners in grade 10, 11 and 12. Learners can access Life Sciences quizzes and more subjects like History and Geography will be made available soon. 

From January 2021, learners will be able to access quizzes for all of the subjects in their grade for a fee of R100 a year.

“We provide an effective and affordable learning tool that will benefit students from all socio-economic backgrounds,”

“The website is simple, to minimise data costs for learners and, in the future, we plan to make the app zero-rated so that no data will be required to access content.” said de Wet.

Learners can visit to access the Examsta learning material and quizzes free of charge. 

The platform has already been tested on about 500 learners in Cape Town. These learners were surveyed and 81% of them said they found Examsta to be a useful learning tool.



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