What First Year Students Can Expect At A College Orientation Day

Starting your college journey can cause many first year students to be overwhelmed with emotions because of the many “unknown” questions that they may still have. Therefore, many academic institutions have an orientation day or week to help first year students adapt to their new surroundings. 

College orientation refers to a period prior to first year students starting their academic year. Each institution's orientation day may vary depending on the activities held to the overall duration of events taking place. These activities are held to help welcome first year students and allow them to make new friends and bond with each other. 

The main purpose of having an orientation day is to allow first year students to understand the nature of the institution, the educational opportunities available to them and gaining a broader overall perspective. It also allows students to ask questions pertaining to registration, student accommodation, campus activities and other aspects related to college life.  

College open day tips

Bring a relative or friend along with you - Nothing is more scary and overwhelming than going to a place that you have never been before. By bringing along a relative or close friend for moral support and getting a second opinion is also ideal. 

Get a college brochure - By looking at a college prospectus it will provide students with information and insight on the course you want to study. It will provide a general overview of what modules will be covered and an outline of the course itself. This prospectus can be found either on an institution's website or you will be given one when you attend your orientation day/week. 

Check out what facilities or services are available on campus - It is always a good idea to check out what services or facilities a campus has. For example, an onsite campus doctor /nurse, gyming or sporting facilities or student counseling. These  are just a few things that can make one college stand out from the rest. 

Get in touch with student alumni’s or graduates - This is one of the best things to do when attending your orientation day. When getting in touch with a student alumni, head of faculty or current students they will be able to provide you  with all the information regarding your field of study. This will also put students at ease knowing what is expected from the course. 

Take down notes - It would be advisable to bring along a notebook and pen should you want to take down any notes, advice or email addresses that you receive on the day. 

What questions to ask at a college open day?

  1. What is the overall duration of the course?
  2. How will the course be assessed?
  3. Will I be required to do an internship during the course?
  4. Are there any other extra requirements for this course?
  5. What career pathways will I be able to fulfill one day?
  6. What careers have recent graduates gone into?
  7. Is there any student accommodation nearby? 
  8. What sort of student support is in place ?
  9. Are there any jobs on campus available for students?
  10. What extracurricular activities are there?

If you are a first year student preparing for college, this is a perfect guide for you to follow to ensure that you are well-prepared for your first year of college.

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