Post-Matric Higher Education and Training Alternatives

Often matrics will experience difficulty finding placement in public universities as there are not enough spaces, however they do not have to fret as there are various alternatives available for further education and training. 

After matriculants have completed high school they have to make a decision concerning where they will pursue higher education and training. The spaces at public universities are often very limited however many options for higher education and training exist outside of these institutions. 

Psychologist and Career Counselling expert Professor Kobus Maree says that public universities and universities of technology are not the only opportunities that exist for schooling post-matric and that students should look to institutions like TVET colleges and private colleges as alternatives. 

He refers students to a link: which they can make use of to access links which can help them to explore different options for higher institutions. 

Maree says students must make sure that the higher institutions are registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, they must also ensure that the training the institution offers is sought after and valid. 

To do this students can go to the website, click on links and scroll down to find the SAQA Helpline. They can send their questions via an SMS to 072 204 5056 or send a "Please Call Me" and one of the Career Advisors will call them back. 

Maree says students must create a plan, by finding out what they are interested in, and what their strengths are by speaking to the people around them. 

"If people always ask you to help them with something technical, then that's a good indicator that you might have technical skills," said Maree. 

Maree says learners must question what their dreams are whether that is to make a lot of money, offer a service to people or wanting to make a difference in communities so that they have a general idea of what they would like to do. 

"Find something that you can commit yourself to, something bigger than yourself... you will see that you will be more successful, more happy etcetera." said Maree. 

Maree emphasizes that it is up to the learners to make their dreams happen for themselves as there are many resources which can help them to get there. He says they must research and inquire about the options available for them. 

"Be flexible, be available, be willing to adapt all the time," Maree advises.


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