How To Embrace Your College Experience As A First Year Student

Starting college and being a first year student can be an exciting yet an undeniably overwhelming experience. The feeling of fear surrounded by excitement and anticipation is most commonly expected by many first year students. Many students adjust relatively well while others find it difficult to adjust being on their own in a completely new environment. 

How first year students can embrace their college experience

  • Acknowledge that your feelings are normal:

The transition from high school to college can be a huge adjustment. One cannot predict how your life will be as a first year student unless you actually experience it. The good news is that you are not the only one feeling the way you do, as there are many others going through similar experiences as yours. Give yourself time to adjust as the feelings will pass in due time and before you know it, your college life will start to feel like home.

  • Prioritise your time and have a planned schedule:

As you transition to living independently on your own or preparing for college, you have the responsibility to manage your own time. There will be no mom or dad to help you prioritse your college schedule and you will have to make use of a planner to help you keep on top of things. This will help you adjust easily and your planner will be your central reference point to avoid feeling stressed out. 

  • Find your college tribe:

We all know that starting college means leaving friends and family behind and stepping out into a new unfamiliar territory. It means that students will have the opportunity to meet new people and be able to put yourself out there. The more people you engage and connect with, the less lonely you will become and the sooner you will find your inner tribe. 

  • Find out what extracurricular activities are available:

Many colleges offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to students. Extracurricular activities range from social clubs, sports, volunteering or doing an internship. These activities provide students with an endless amount of opportunities to learn new skills and develop new passions and talents. 

  • Seek out a spot that is conducive for studying:

There are many ideal spots students utilise when it comes to studying or to use their time sparingly. You may enjoy sitting at a local coffee shop or visit the college library where you are able to concentrate best. Always bear in mind that different environments work for different people. It is important to know that when choosing an environment where you can concentrate best can be a critical factor in achieving academic success.

So there you have it, these are a few tips to guide you through your transitioning of being a first year student and making the most memorable college experience. 

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