Colleges To Study A Higher Certificate In South Africa

A higher certificate are programmes that are mostly vocational. What this means is that the course material is industry-oriented. The practical skills that students will learn will help improve their performance within a working environment. It is an excellent way to increase your skills and knowledge within a particular career field.

A higher certificate course can be done by anyone that has obtained their national senior certificate and meets the basic requirements. Once a student completes their higher certificate it allows you to further your education by applying for an advanced certificate or a diploma course. 

What are the advantages of a higher certificate course?

  • A higher certificate is an introduction to your chosen career pathway 
  • It is more industry orientated than other qualifications
  • Prepares students to apply their skills that they have learned in a working environment 
  • Increase your chances of becoming a specialist in a certain area of expertise

Here is a list of institutions where students can study for a  higher certificate course:

How can a higher certificate benefit your career in the future?

Every industry has its own set of skills that they require in order to fulfill a particular position. With a higher certificate, because it is industry-orientated, it provides you with the opportunity to gain the knowledge of your chosen career field and implement what you have learned into the working environment. 

Shannon-Leigh Adams says, “After completing matric, I had no idea what I wanted to study nor where my passion lies. After several applications to universities and colleges, I then had the option of choosing between two colleges. I decided to make an appointment with a student advisor just to be sure that I was making the right decision. After thorough research and consideration, I then decide to pursue a Higher Certificate in Events Management. At this point, I was still not convinced of being in the events industry but the course turned out to be a year full of excitement. It was not just about learning the theory but executing what you have learned into reality, which turned out to be quite exciting. After completing my 1-year course, I decided to further my studies by completing a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communication. I used my higher certificate as a bridging course to get into my degree, of which I received credits for the modules I have completed in my higher certificate. My advice for all those students struggling to identify their passion, do not feel pressured into doing something that sounds appealing to you. It is important to take the time to do thorough research into various courses, and if you are still unsure about the course you can make an appointment with a student advisor before making your final decision.”

Did you know that higher certificates are in high demand especially for students that do not qualify for a Bachelors's pass in matric? This provides students with the opportunity to do a bridging course so that they can improve their marks and advance their higher certificate qualification. 

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