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Monday, 22 February, 2021 - 10:45
Terrique Faro


The marking of the Matric papers is finished, but where can you access your results once it has been released?

The tradition of publishing matric results in the newspaper has held up despite calls to end this practice.

Viewing your Matric results in public or alongside your fellow class mates can be exciting as it allows other people to share in your success. But it can also be embarrassing if the results are not what you expect.

On the contrary viewing your results privately allows you to process your achievement or failure without the added pressure of meeting other peoples expectations.

The question many matriculants are asking is, "Where can I get my matric results?"

There are 4 ways to get your matric results, namely:

  1. You can check your matric results online by clicking here.
  2. Get your matric results at your high school.
  3. Check your matric results in your local newspaper.
  4. Check your matric results on your mobile phone.

You can register and have your results sent to you as soon as they are released.   

Register via SMS

  • Send your ID number and exam number to 35658
  • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
  • SMSes cost R1 and free SMSes don’t apply
  • Get your matric results immediately when they are released

Use the USSD service

  • Dial *120*35658# on the release date
  • Answer a few multiple questions
  • Enter your ID number 
  • You will get your matric results per subject
  • USSD rates apply




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