Bad Matric Results? You Have A Second Chance

The day for Matric results to be released is near and there are definitely Matrics out there who are shivering in their boots but no worries, there is always a Plan B. Careers Portal sat down to chat with Kristal Duncan-Williams, the Project Lead at Youth Capital on Matric results, matric rewrites and youth unemployment.



Careers Portal sat down to chat with Kristal Duncan-Williams, the Project Lead at Youth Capital. Youth Capital is a youth-led campaign with an Action Plan that combines research and data with young people’s lived stories to shift gears on youth unemployment.

Youth Capital then tries to bring about change through policy changes and making sure that these changes help young people solve the issues they are faced with.

Part of what they're working on at Youth Capital involved Matrics and they are looking at how Covid has impacted the learning experience for them. 

Young people were already going into their Final Matric exams with extra anxiety and stress. Then, the delays around the release of the results causing more anxiety. Young people are just in limbo now waiting for these results. Waiting for University starts which were pushed back.

Matric Results & Rewrites

Matric results are due to be released on 22 February 2021 and will be available to learners from 23 February.

Youth Capital is tackling the issue of confusion around registering for rewrites and supplementary exams through the Second Chance Matric Programme. 

This confusion adds to the already present stress of being a Matric learner in 2020.

We know that information and communication between the department and young people is often not clear so we continue to encourage young people to please DM us on our socials and tell us what their experience has been like. 

You must register in person at a district office for a rewrite.

A statement released by government read, "The supplementary examination in February/March has been phased out and is therefore no longer available. A new examination is available during May/June where candidates can improve their results or complete outstanding results. The closing date for application is 31 March in the current year."

Youth Capital has partnered with other organisations who work directly with learners who are rewriting their exams.

Youth Employment

Youth Capital has an action plan when it comes to Matric students stepping into the workforce. They then help Matrics find resources which will help them.

For those who will not be studying further, Kristal assures them that there are a range of entry-level opportunities available for young people. 

Young people, people aged 15 to 34, are also advised to ask for reference letters and put all your experience on your CV, including your skills. is also a good website for youth wanting to kickstart their careers. They provide learning and earning opportunities. As a bonus, it's free and zero-rated.

Youth Capital is also partnering with Job Starter who'll be launching a platform for young people in May where they can have access to career coaching opportunities.

Harambee also helps combat youth unemployment by providing better access to them to opportunities.

There are 2 million young people in South Africa and Youth Capital believes that young people are powerful and aren't just sitting at home being lazy as many have said.

To really support these young people, we need them to be thriving adults and we need to listen to them. They really know what the solutions are to their own problems so if young people can come together around issues in their community and tell us what their experiences are and what solutions work for them then we at Youth Capital can elevate that to the ears of the government and other private sector, other decision makers.

Follow Youth Capital on Twitter, FacebookInstragram and their website to get more assistance with rewriting your Matric such as more information, tutoring services, how to apply, etc. 

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