Staying Positive When The World Gives You Lemons

Careers Portal sat down with Kristal Duncan-Williams from Youth Capital to speak about the importance of young South Africans staying positive.


Kristal Duncan-Williams believes that despite many young people overcoming extreme adversity due to their own personal circumstances and living in under-resourced communities, they have managed to stay positive.

During 2020 young people had to adjust to a new way of learning, however, because most young people are quite good with technology, they were capable of making things work even though they had never experienced online learning before.

Although it was difficult to stay positive, these young people overcame their challenges by taking advantage of the resources that they had such as Zoom Meetings and WhatsApp Calls, to help each other study for a test or tutor one another.

Instagram Lives were also used by youth to gain support for advocacy goals.

Duncan-Williams said, "I think young people must not forget that they are resilient, and they are innovative and they are creative."

Youth Capital is hoping to provide a space where young people feel heard and that their opinion and dreams matter.

As a young person, you should remember that you are capable of anything that you put your mind to. If you can think of it, you can most definitely do it with lots of hard work and determination.

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