How To Adapt To Life After Disappointing Results?

While some matriculants were celebrating their achievements and looking forward to going to tertiary institutions, not all learners had the same luxury as their results were not good enough. However, that is not the end of the world as these learners do have options to achieve their goals.


While it may be easy to celebrate those matriculants who achieved distinctions, that is not a true measure of later success as those who did not achieve great results may still work hard and achieve success.

It is normal for those learners to feel disappointed after receiving poor results, however, that is not the end of the world as there are options for them to achieve their goals.

Ken Resnick, an educational psychologist from Smart Choice Parenting, advises learners that they can still pursue their dream careers by applying for jobs that can get them in their door and work their way up to their dream job through studying while working.

If their matric results need to be improved before doing that, they can choose between redoing the Grade 12 year or rewriting certain subjects. 

Many people think that redoing the Grade 12 year is a waste of a year of their lives, when in fact it is not. By taking the time to redo their matric, they are adding to their future and get closer to achieving their goals.

By redoing their matric, these learners receive support from teachers and other students to achieve better results.

Rewriting certain subjects is also a good idea as learners can study for their supplementary exams while working. These exams take place in May/June so it does not take up as much time as redoing the entire year, which could be the better option for most learners.

Resnick also advises learners to job shadow different careers to choose the best one for them and not to give up until they achieve their goals.

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