Where To Get a Copy of Your Matric Certificate

Losing your Grade 12 certificate can be stressful as it is the important document for entry whether you apply for employment or at institutions of learning. If you have lost your certificate and wondering how you can get a copy, don’t worry keep reading.


The Department of Education (DoE) is the responsible body for issuing matric certificates and it is the first stop should you be looking for assistance regarding your matric certificate.

The DoE provides clear guidelines and processes that you can follow in order to get a replacement copy of your matric certificate.

When you need to request for a copy of your lost or damaged matric certificate, you then have to apply through the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or Provincial Education Department (PED) office.

It is important to note that DoE is the mother body of education sectors and every province has a DoE office where you can get assistance about a replacement copy of your matric certificate.

The DoE website has more than what you are looking for in the direction of details and ways to get your matric certificate replacement.  

It is safe to say rest easy, you haven’t completely lost your matric certificate as there are set guidelines and processes you need to follow.

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