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Young adulting can be exciting but challenging. Set yourself up for success armed with practical guidance and insights into studying, and how to manage your money and start your career. To help you adjust to student life and make important life decisions, Capitec proudly supports the GRAD and GRADnext magazines, in partnership with award-winning journalist Ruda Landman, StudyTrust and Van Schaik Publishers.  


What are you waiting for?

Students are becoming increasingly important and mature in their work, study and social lives. With such a huge investment in the future, you need to be setting yourself up for success. I want you to set yourself up for a fulfilling and successful future. Here are just some of the tools you need to ensure you are on the right track to a happy, healthy, fulfilling and financially secure future. Discover which subjects will best prepare you for study and work in your chosen careers. 

GRADnext – kicking your career off right

Designed to help you make the transition from student to working life, GRADnext is a 69-page booklet divided into 20 short chapters which covers everything from job hunting and going to interviews to creating your personal brand.

GRAD – your guide to university success

GRAD is a free magazine that gives you practical guidance to help you adjust to student life and what it takes to succeed at your studies.

"Invest in yourself," Sandra Abraham, an associate professor of economics at McGill University, says. 



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