Older Persons Grant In South Africa

South Africa has a population of 54 million people and 4 million of those are over the age of 60. The South African government provides social assistance in the form of the older person's grant to the elderly who qualify.

The grant had 3 million beneficiaries in 2015. Each year the amount for that older person's receive increases and as of 2019 this amount stood at R1 780 per month. If you're older than 75 years, you'll get R1 800.

During apartheid the amount that people received was determined by race as defined by the South African government. White people received the highest followed by Indians, coloureds and then black South Africans. This changed in 1993 after the promulgation of the social assistance Act 59 of 1992. This act equalized amounts for all races.

All grants are payable to citizens, permanent residents and refugees with a legal status in South Africa. This grant helps older people to be able to maintain themselves.

To access their grants beneficiaries of the older person's grant use their smart card issued by SASSA which is the South African Social Security Agency. SASSA uses the biometric system to register the beneficiaries as well as their caregivers.

There are three payment channels that beneficiaries can choose from namely:

  1. Electronic bank transfer
  2. Cash payment
  3. SASSA offices and at various points of sales such as supermarkets

Cash payments at local offices are made during the first half of each month while electronic payments are available from the first day of each month. Caretakers can collect on behalf of those who are unable to collect themselves.The key priority for the South African government regarding the older persons grant is to improve income security of South Africa's elderly.

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