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Are My Symptoms Covid-19 Related, Allergies Or The Common Flu?


It is very difficult to distinguish between having the coronavirus, allergies or simply just the common flu. Many people are self diagnosing and assuming they simply have the flu when in actual fact they have the coronavirus or vice versa.

One of the questions everyone wants to know is how do I know if I have allergies, a cold, the flu, or COVID-19?

The answer is a process of elimination. Start with the symptoms.

If you have itchy eyes, a runny nose, or sneezing, it's likely that it is a common cold or allergies.

If the symptoms include fever, fatigue, shortness of breath or cough, then you need to exert more caution.

So how do you know which one it is? It is always advised to see your doctor if you suspect you've got Covid-19 or call the numbers below.

COVID-19 cases may have some context around them. If you've traveled recently, if you've been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, or you live in an area with many cases then your chances of contracting the coronavirus disease is high. This is not to say that you don't have the coronavirus if you have not traveled, or don't stay in an area that is affected with many Covid-19 cases.

Even if you don't have symptoms today, remember to practice social distancing and essential hygiene to keep you and your community safe as coronavirus continues to spread.

If you're worried or you're might have the disease, please call the South African COVID-19 hot line below:

Official Toll Free Call Center - 0800 029 999
Clinicians Hotline - 082 883 9920
Official WhatsApp Help Service - Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp or share this link:

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