Access Learning and Earning Opportunities For Free

SA Youth is South Africa’s national network for all young people to access learning and earning opportunities – for free!


What is SA Youth?

SA Youth is a national network that allows young people to access learning and earning opportunities, for free.

Through partnerships with many different stakeholders, SA Youth has created a single network to allow for a wider selection of opportunities for young people. SA Youth is managed by Harambee.

How does SA Youth work?

You can find the right job for you, learn something new, and gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help you in future endeavours. SAYOUTH.MOBI platform offers free access to learning and earning opportunities. You may even find your dream job!

With the help of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention in South Africa, young people in need can now access information on all types of opportunities. There are many partners that work together to allow young people to access a wider selection of opportunities.

This is a great way to learn new skills and earn money!

Find out how to register and more by clicking here.

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