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Reminders For NSFAS Students


As NSFAS students, and especially with NSFAS being somewhat of a confusion sometimes, it is important to stay on top of things. Checking your funding and ensuring all your information is correct are then vital processes for you. 

NSFAS Appeals are currently being processed. It is important for you to then monitor your NSFAS account online for the account of your appeal. Students studying at TVET Colleges have up until March 31, 2020 to appeal.

Universities are currently processing appeals for returning students. Appeal results will be available on your myNSFAS account by 15 April 2020. Ensure that you have an active myNSFAS account.

Funded students who still need to sign their NBA/SOP will receive an email with a link to sign online when the NBA/SOP is ready for signing. Students who are funded for the first time in 2020 are not required to sign the NBA/SOP as they already signed during the application stage.

Log into your myNSFAS account frequently to view communication from NSFAS. Where you are informed to upload documents, log into your account & upload your documents today. Applicants who are struggling to upload documents,may email the required documents to [email protected]

Please be advised payments are processed upon receipt of your registration data. Your institution will advised you when your allowances are ready for you.

There has been many NSFAS scams so it is important to constantly be aware of them and to be very careful when details are asked. Checking the NSFAS website and Facebook page will help keep on track with authenticity of statements and instructions. Do not share your login in details, bank pin, NSFAS Wallet password with anyone. NSFAS will not request such information from anyone.

Do the right thing & report fraud. Use the Vuvuzela Hotline: 0860 247 653, [email protected],SMS Call Back Number to 30916, or If you have been a victim of fraud or witnessed fraudulent activity, do the right thing & report it. 

To access your funding progress through your MyNSFAS account, you are required to register or re-register a myNSFAS account on Read our article here on how to register your myNSFAS account.

If you are having issues with NSFAS, it's always best to visit their offices to enquire further and get a solution faster. 



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