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Fund Me: How to get financing for your goals

What do you do if you have a dream but don't have the finances to make your dream a reality

What do you do if you have a dream but don't have the finances to make your dream a reality?

Today there are many ways to access funding if you know where to look.

Whether you have a small business idea, are thinking about starting an NGO or would like to study further, there are a number of funding channels to help you reach your 2018 goals.

Government funding

Government is keen on making financial provision available to people who want to get ahead and make a difference in their communities. For example the Department of Trade and Industry focuses on funding viable small businesses. Find out if you qualify for funding from the National Empowerment Fund

The National Student financial Aid Scheme is another government initiative to support young South Africans. This organisation was specifically developed to provide funding for students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Students who have already been accepted at a college or university in 2018 are eligible to receive financial support from NSFAS this year.


Crowdfunding is an online funding scheme that allows strangers to connect and fund various projects and ventures. The platform allows people to present their projects or financial needs in order to receive support from funders locally or around the world. Projects are generally funded through small amounts from many individuals or companies.

Join the South African crowdfunding platform to help fund a project or start your own venutre.

Or visit the Go Fund Me page to learn more about the benefits of crowdfunding.

Foundations and Trusts

Often wealthy benefactors allocate a certain amount of money to a Foundation or Trust for charitable causes that are aligned to the purpose of the entity. The money is to be used according to the conditions or instructions set out by the benefactor or stakeholders. These entities create funding for all kinds of endeavours. For example there are scholarship funds and field of interest funds that make money available for people who display academic excellence in certain subjects or fields of study.

Check out this list of charitable organisations and find out where you fit in.

Private sponsors

This can refer to an individual who has a vested interest in your goals or a private organisation dedicated to supporting progress in your field. For example if your study goals are aligned to the objectives of your employer they might be willing to finance your studies. Alternatively you can appeal to people in your network who share your interests. If you are looking to start an NGO for example, start by appealing to the people in your circle for financial support. You might be surprised to find that there are others who share your vision and want to be a part of making it happen.

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing



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