What Is Somatology And Is It A Good Career To Follow?

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A somatologist is unique in their knowledge and experience due to the strong focus on dermatology as a subsection of three-year training in anatomy and physiology.

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A somatologist is a professional with an accredited three-year diploma in somatology. It is a prestigious qualification that approaches skin and body treatments in a scientific way.

According to Zoya Nell, a content developer in training:

40% of the subject area is dedicated to the largest organ of the body - the skin.

The somatologist is in a unique position to perform an analysis, solve problems and achieve results for the majority of clients' skin and body care problems.

A somatologist studies longer than a beauty therapist or beautician.

The intensive training provides the somatologist with the necessary knowledge and experience to follow a holistic approach to each client by also taking the client's lifestyle, exercise, eating habits and stress levels into account when looking after a client's specific needs.

In many cases, clients are not always aware of the impact that lifestyle has on their skin. The somatologist is trained to give the necessary advice within their professional boundaries, and always works with a wider circle of medical professionals to whom referrals can be made.

A somatologist can specialize as an advanced skin care therapist who can safely and effectively treat deeper layers of the skin.

A qualification for an advanced skin care therapist requires an additional year of study. With the continued expansion of the global wellness economy, the largest part of which is beauty and anti-aging, the demand for anti-aging treatments is increasing.

Therapists are exposed to more advanced treatment and this can increase the risk of complications. Some examples include chemical peels, microneedling ("microneedling"), light therapy treatments such as lasers and IPL, and pre- and post-advanced procedure cosmetic treatments.

All this requires a more advanced and higher level of problem-solving ability to deal with possible complications so that these treatments can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Such a therapist is uniquely qualified to provide assistance in a medical aesthetic practice and usually works together with a medical professional who specializes in medical aesthetics.

A somatologist give you expert advice about your skin's needs

Part of the curriculum of a somatologist's training includes cosmetic science, and enables the somatologist to understand product formulation and identify which skin or body care products will give you the best results to tackle your skin's specific needs.

A somatologist approaches skin care in a scientific way and aims to restore your skin to a balanced state and make sure it functions to its full potential.

Scientifically formulated products such as the Isa Carstens® aesthetic skin care range have been developed to create a unique skin care protocol for each client that is focused on restoring the natural balance of the skin.

When you follow the expert advice of a somatologist, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise waste if you were to purchase the wrong product for your skin's unique needs.

The power of touch is irreplaceable and forms part of all treatments carried out at a skin care clinic or spa.

In therapy, clients are usually attracted by the immediate, visible effect of the treatment, but the greater impact of touch on the body has an even greater benefit.

Touch can lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels, while increasing serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin levels.

A somatologist knows when a treatment needs to invigorate the body, or when the parasympathetic nervous system needs to be calmed and then carefully chooses specialized massage modalities to achieve these different goals. A good somatologist will make sure that you look and feel better after every interaction.

The difference lies in the person's passion for people and level of training

A somatologist and an advanced skin care therapist is undoubtedly a specialist in skin and body issues and can tackle problems that affect the face and body by following a holistic approach.

To trust your therapist you must first trust their knowledge, experience and integrity. All these things form part of a quality foundation based on quality teaching.

Be sure to inquire about your therapist's qualifications before making an appointment - this will ensure that you receive safe and effective results-driven treatments.

Where can I study to start a career in this industry?

The Isa Carstens® Academy is recognized as a top training institution that is committed to excellence in training and learning and to developing students and entrepreneurs who make a difference - not only nationally, but also internationally.

The Isa Carstens® Academy opened its doors in 1978 and has trained more than 4,500 alumni and is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

With an ongoing passion in an ever-changing industry and our inspiration and commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on the highly personalized teaching we offer.

With two campuses with accommodation in Stellenbosch and Pretoria, the Isa CarstensⓇ Academy offers contact, blended and distance learning programmes.

The Isa CarstensⓇ Wellness Sanctuaries in Stellenbosch and Pretoria are a division of the Isa Carstens Academy where clients can experience the professional hands of therapists-in- training in a peaceful environment.

This is where soft skills are developed and learned through experience and the support of caring coaches. It paves the way to trust and experience.

The Isa Carstens® Academy is registered with the department of higher education and training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration certificate no. 2000/HE07/025.

Visit the Isa Carstens website to learn more and book your place at our next open day.

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